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Oxymizer® Disposable Oxygen Conserver

The Oxymiser® is a disposable reservoir cannula. It is the simplest conserving device available today, operating without electronics, batteries, switches or flow controls.

– Savings ratio of up to 4:1

– Compatiable with all continuous flow oxygen sources, including compressed gas, concentrators and liquid oxygen

– Facilitates conservation through the use of reservoir that stores oxygen during exhalation for delivery during inhalation

Product Description: The Oxymiser® pendant is a disposable oxygen conserving device used in the routine nasal administration of supplemental oxygen. It contain an oxygen conserving reservoir in an easy-to-conceal pendant, which offers the following unique features:

  1. A close-coupled reservoir that fills with 20ml of expired aire at the initial phase of expiration, which is enriched or replaced with oxygen during the remainder of expiration
  2. A diaphragm that immediately collapse on initial inspiration, delivering a bolus of oxygetn to the deepest portion of the lungs.

Unit weight: Approximately 85 grams


The Oxymiser Pendant device should be replaced after approximately three weeks. More frequent replacement may be needed for cleanliness and sanitation, depending on conditions of use.


Since less total oxygen is passing over the nasal mucosa, the drying effect of oxygen is significantly less and supplementary humidification can usually be eliminated. Since excessive moisture could impede the membrane action of the OXYMISER Pendant device, use with humidifiers should be avoided.

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